Community Projects

Community Projects

Zcash Community Projects

The Zcash Block Explorer provides information such as transaction data / block information / Addresses / Mempool Blocks etc. Also allows for Transaction Payment Disclosure Viewing Key to be used.

Researchers at the Zcash Foundation are collaborating on an IETF informational draft for FROST with researchers at the University of Waterloo and several other organizations, and it’s on the path towards greater adoption within the Zcash ecosystem and beyond.

Free2z is a tool for anonymous content and private donations.

Private money in your wallet using ZEC & capable of autoshielding funds.

A multi-feature privacy wallet supporting Zcash and Ycash utilizing the fast syncing algorithm: warp-sync.

Zbay lets you send messages, build online communities and marketplaces, and buy & sell products privately using Zcash.

Zebra is the Foundation’s independent, consensus-compatible implementation of a Zcash node, currently under development. Zebra can be used to join the Zcash peer-to-peer network, which helps keep Zcash working by validating and broadcasting transactions, and maintaining the Zcash blockchain state in a distributed manner.

ZECpages is a censorship resistant, Zcash blockchain-powered social media. It includes a directory of zcash users and an anonymous message board powered by Zcash.

A fully-featured wallet for Zcash.

Zeme Team allows creators to easily receive tips from anyone in the community. They’ll have direct links to their work that they can share to social media to drive more tips.

ZGo is a Zcash Register. Enabling vendors and merchants to accept Zcash. Currently testing the app to get high quality feedback on the usability and features of ZGo.

Zlink is the simplest way to find any link, tool, information you need about Zcash's ecosystem.

ZcashRPC is an opensource automated documentation website for zcashd.

Applications that Utilize Zcash

An aftok is a radical new kind of cooperative, bottom-up business organization. It’s a way for you and some trusted friends to build things together and get paid for your efforts, without the hierarchy or overhead of a traditional company.

AtomicDEX is a multi-coin wallet, bridge, and DEX rolled into one app. Mobile/Desktop versions available.

DCRDEX is a decentralized exchange built by the Decred Project. Desktop Client Only. is a no sign-up cryptocurrency exchange supporting over fifty coins and tokens across multiple blockchains. Users value our focus on privacy, ease of use and minimizing third-party risk, all of which are hard to come by on traditional crypto exchanges.

Using RenVM, a universal translator, it converts digital assets to the format needed by its destination chain. For example, RenVM takes ZEC, holds it, and then converts it to an ERC-20 with a 1:1 ratio to ensure your renZEC is always backed by the same amount of ZEC.

ZeroBridge is a decentralized client of the Zero DAO protocol, enabling cross-chain asset scripting in a browser with your existing wallet, @zerodaoHQ makes it possible to fund a fresh ETH address with Shielded ZEC.

A method by which coin-weighted polling took place on the Zcash blockchain using T-addresses and arranged via the community forum.

Wider Ecosystem Utilizing Zero-Knowledge Proofs

The Aztec Connect SDK allows any Ethereum protocol to be integrated in Aztec’s private rollup with a simple Solidity interface and front-end SDK. Aztec Connect allows users to confidentially access world-class DeFi services on Ethereum with up to 100x cost savings, all while strengthening Aztec’s existing privacy guarantees.

DarkFi is an environment with a language for writing zero-knowledge smart contracts. A global decentralized economic network operating fully anonymously.

DarkFi is an anonymous Layer 1 DeFi network. Its objective is to offer flexible private primitives that can be wielded to create any kind of application. DarkFi uses advances in zero-knowledge cryptography and creates a contracting language and developer toolkits aimed to make anonymous engineering highly accessible to developers.

Bring low-fees and better privacy to your Web3 applications with Espresso Systems’ high-throughput EVM-compatible blockchain.

Addresses, asset types, transaction amounts, and credentials can be hidden from the world. Asset creators can define policies and programs around the assets they mint or move over from Ethereum. Viewing keys can be customized to reveal any combination of transaction details relating to sender and recipient addresses, input and output amounts, and identity attestations.

ETHdos is a first-of-its-kind social experiment leveraging unique composability properties of recursive SNARKs.

The Offshift Ecosystem is a fully on-chain, non-custodial platform designed to provide protections for user privacy without compromising yield potential or decentralization. The Offshift Ecosystem is developed by Offshift Core, the ecosystem’s core development team, and powered by XFT, a public ERC20 token that confers access to ecosystem applications via Burn-and-Mint Tokenomics. Users interact with applications through a process called Shifting, whereby XFT is burned to mint synthetics in various protocols, and vice versa.

Through zero-knowledge proof (zk-SNARKs) technology, RAILGUN users enjoy full privacy. Their identifying information is kept private when making transfers, trading, using leverage platforms, adding liquidity or using decentralized applications (dApps) any way they like. RAILGUN is compatible with all standard ERC-20 tokens by default.

The RAILGUN smart contract is already deployed on Ethereum and other blockchains. It can be used by crypto wallets, such as, or by protocols themselves that want to give their users privacy.

Scroll will build a fully EVM-compatible zk-Rollup. Supporting the direct verification of a Ethereum block through one succinct proof. Verification of the consistency and integrity of each opcode in EVM execution trace. L1 smart contracts can be seamlessly migrated to Scroll supporting native EVM using customized optimizations.

Scroll will enable and standardize Layer-2 proof outsourcing & adopt a new hierarchical zero-knowledge proof system. The first layer will be prover efficient (customized circuit optimization and hardware efficient proving algorithm). The second layer will be verifier efficient (succinct proof and EVM-friendly verification algorithm).

zkLink is the first multi-chain integration DEX based on ZK-Rollup technology, which aggregates the liquidity of different ecosystems, and makes it possible for native assets on different chains to interact and pair with each other.

The platform adopts zero-knowledge technology and the DAO governance model to ensure the security and consistency of multi-chain asset interoperability, creating multi-chain DeFi scenarios such as swapping, loaning and revenue aggregating with a secure, efficient and low-cost user experience.

zkSync is a scaling and privacy engine for Ethereum. Its current functionality scope includes low gas transfers of ETH and ERC20 tokens in the Ethereum network, atomic swaps & limit orders as well as native L2 NFT support.