Help Build ZecHub

Help Build ZecHub

If you're a member of the Zcash community, and want to contribute building ZecHub, there a few things that are super helpful.

1. Curate links for the newsletter and add them to the newsletter's github page. Find instructions on how to do that here: ZecWeekly Newsletter.

2. Fact check the wiki docs, suggest edits, and propose new pages in Github (Please propose pages under existing sections. We don't want to overload the homepage of the wiki)

3. Create video content in the following categories:

  • Zcash explainer videos
  • Zcash wallet guide/tutorials
  • Third-party application demos (ie. Spedn)

4. Produce designs such as posters/graphics/animations for Zcash & Privacy ecosystem

5. Translate any of the existing wiki pages via ZecHub Global.

For details on bounty amounts, please read our contributing page.

We also regularly post tasks that we currently have bounties available for. Check:

If there are other ways you'd like to contribute, please message @ZecHub on Twitter or Join our Discord.

Important Note:

In order to make payouts ZecHub requires all contributors to complete the declaration form below. This will only be required once for any contributor.

If you'd like to add, or suggest edits to this wiki page, please head to the ZecHub github repo and submit a pull request.