Top 10 Places to Spend ZEC

Top 10 Places to Spend ZEC

Nowadays, when surveillance (replaced by the word transparency) is being the order of the day mostly for governments and financial world, privacy, as a human right, seems to be underrated.

Nevertheless, regarding to new ways of finances, there are people -like Zcash- working on taking care about your security and privacy, just because they do matter.

Zcash offers both enhanced privacy and security features. But, as a a very first step for adoption and use starts with the fact that more (real) businesses, stores and people offering services are accepting ZEC as a payment option.,

Why does a company / service wish to accept $ZEC?

If you have a company or sell any product or service, you may wish to receive Zcash. Why? Herein, some of those multiple reasons and benefits you can considered it as your payment method.

  • Enhance privacy. | Unlike well-known and traditional payment methods, Zcash, thanks to zk-SNARKs shielded pool, keeps your transactions safe and private by being shielded (not publicly visible) on the blockchain and data implied in transactions are relevant (and visible) to both, sender and receiver only.
  • Faster and more cost-effective payment method. | ZEC transactions are direct and no third parties needed (such as banks), making processing time shorter and fees lower than traditional payment methods, so you can forget about Paypal. Now you know that’s not a suitable option.
  • Increase your customer base. | By accepting ZEC, your company / product or service can attract a wider target of people who prefer to use crytocurrencies.
  • Promote and enhance customer loyalty. | By tapping in this market segment and let people know your place is accepting ZEC, this can give you an advantage and preference among usual and potential customers, who would turn to you any time they need to spend their ZEC.
  • Make the difference as innovative. | When deciding to accept ZEC in your store, business, or even offering a service as a taxi driver, you can position among those who are for different forms of finances, payments and enjoyment.

Considering all the items above, there are many places where you can spend ZEC. Let’s explore what we’ve called:

Top 10 Places accepting ZEC

Particularly, in Venezuela, there are a bunch of places (physical places and online spots) where you can get products or services and pay with Zcash… Let’s begin!

📌 This is listed at random, just to let people know where they can go and pay with comfort having just a portable device (phone, laptop or ledger), a Zcash wallet and good internet or data connection

[Gastronomy - Bakery & Chocolaterie]

  1. Sheila Vargas | Foodie | Blogger | Entrepreneur | Mentorship

[@SheEmprende_ on Social Media]( She jumped into the stage thanks to her famous (and delicious) Galletas de la FeliZidad

Besides her cookies, she offers other services and the best of all is this: you can pay with ZEC!

Crackle chocolate cookies | Credit: Sheila Vargas Rojas


Oat flakes & raisin cookies | Credit: Sheila Vargas Rojas


Doughnuts with candied fruits | Credit: Sheila Vargas Rojas |

So, if you are a cookie monster..,


now you know where to spend your ZEC!

Zcash Unified Address:


📍 Caracas - Venezuela

  1. Somos Dulceros | By Rosa Rangel

Rosa Ma. Rangel, an Computer engineer by profession but chocolatière by conviction, self-confessed chocolate lover and passionate for bakery and pastry, offers a wide range of artisanal products from chocolate, traditional venezuelan sweet treats and bakery.


Dried fruit & strawberry chocolate


Social media: Instagram | X Platform | Free2z

Zcash Unified Address:


📍 Caracas - Venezuela

[**Crafting | Design | Party organizers]**

  1. Papeles a Color | By Elizabeth B.

Elizabeth is a passionate young mom who loves crafting and designing. She has the most important motivation for being devoted in every thing she does: her family.💙




Are your kids being promoted? Papeles a color can help you to celebrate their achievements.


Something different and unique? A Zcash mobile phone charger base!


Some of other beautiful things Papeles a Color handcrafts.

Social media

Zcash Unified Address


📍 San Juan de los Morros - Venezuela.

[Community Building | Digital Marketing | Web Design | Video]

  1. Emprendedoras Digitales de Venezuela

Do you want to feel empowered? Emprendedoras Digitales de Venezuela is a great place to start. This is formed by a group of beautiful and amazing entrepreneurial women with purposes led by Aura Brito.

EDVE, focused on female entrepreneurs, offers several services related to:

  • business ideas development
  • branding construction.., among others. Always thinking about every single woman in Venezuela who wants to rule their own business.

Social media:

Unified Address:


📍 San Antonio de los Altos - Venezuela

  1. GorBrit Social Media

This place ruled by Roosevelt Gordones and Aura Brito offers services related to:

  • Web pages / Web design
  • Hosting
  • Branding /Business consulting
  • Social media strategies

Social Media

GorBrit accepts different payment methods, including Cryptocurrecies, among which, it is Zcash.

Unified address


📍 Caracas - Venezuela.

In person and online services.

  1. RobmarEscool

Besides being a digital designer, Robmar is a photographer who also takes sometime for teaching workshops about photography and tools related, and in the meantime also spreads the word about zcash

His work is well-known in Zcash ecosystem thanks to his contribution to the ZFAV club.


  • Video making / edition
  • Logo creation & Animation
  • Podcast audio/ video edition

Social media:

📍Barquisimeto - Venezuela

[Beauty | Manicure | Hand & Nails care | Accesories]

  1. Karin Beauty Studio | By Karin Gordones

Beautiful nails, beautiful hands thanks to Karin Beauty Studio.

Social media:

Unified Address:


📍 El Valle - Caracas - Venezuela

Home service (Caracas | San Antonio de los Altos)

Schedule appointment


  1. Corona de Brillitos. | By Gissell B.

Do you know what’s amazing about Zcash? Having people like Gissell, a 16-yr old girl who loves crafting, making girly beautiful accesories and know that at her age, she uses Zcash in her flourishing business


Nice elegant presentation for scrunchies | Corona de brillitos

Social Media

Zcash Unified Address


📍 San Juan de los Morros - Venezuela

[Computer services]

  1. Tecnopapapi

That’s @Lexihel - Alexis López Abreu.

Do you have any issue with your PC or Android phone?

Tecnopapapi is the right person to get in touch with!

  • Computer services (Windows)
  • Android Operating System (phones)


Social media

Tecnopapapi accepts cryptocurrecies (including 3ZEC) and other payments methods.

Unified Address


📍 San Juan de los Morros - Venezuela

  1. Jossy Mendoza - Driver.

Driving services from and to Caracas and other zones such as:

Altos Mirandinos, Valles. del Tuy, Guarenas, Guatire, La Guaira, Simón Bolívar International Airport.

He accepts cryptocurrecies, included Zcash


Mr. Mendoza showing his zingo wallet. | Credit image: Edickson Gonzalez

Zcash Unified Address:


  • *[Fast food | Italian**]

Bonus : Allegrini Ristorante 🇪🇸 | Pizza Place | Italian food | Accepting Zcash soon.

Delivery service | Take away | Reservations


Website: (in construction)

Social media

(Soon at )


Zcash Unified Address


Delivery service | Take away | Reservations.

📍 Madrid - Spain