The Zcash Podcast
The Zcash Podcast

The Zcash Podcast

The Zcash Podcast on the Digital Cash Network

The Zcash Podcast hosts content such as updates, specific subject deep dives, etc. for the existing Zcash community to consume and share, as well as give an opportunity for existing Digital Cash Network channel subscribers to become more deeply familiar with Zcash.

Specifically, this channel focuses on:

  • the perspective of living unbanked off of cryptocurrency and decentralizing your whole life
  • curating a community much more likely to be interested in Zcash’s principles and technology compared to the average crypto audience.

Additionally, the live format creates a sense of connection with the audience, who are able to participate and ask questions live of the host and guests, ideal for reaching new fans, while still allowing the long-form content to be consumed later.

  • Nathan Wilcox: Zcash’s Evolution Past to Present
  • Aditya Bharadwaj: End-User Apps and Zcash Adoption
  • Ian Sagstetter: ZecHub and Zcash's Growing Community Initiatives
  • Zcash Podcast 4 with Seth For Privacy: An Outside Perspective on Zcash and Privacy
  • Zcash Podcast 5 with Naomi Brockwell: How to Live a Modern Privacy-Conscious Lifestyle
  • Zcash Podcast 6 with Zooko Wilcox: Governance and Zcash's Path Ahead
  • Zcash Podcast 7 with Jake of ZecSpends: Using Zcash As Digital Cash Today