Using This Wiki

Using This Wiki

Some of this might be overwhelming. We get it! There’s a lot of information here.

Here’s a simple step guide that highlights how you should navigate the wiki.

New to Zcash

If you’re new to Zcash, this is a great place to get up to speed. The first thing you should do is check out these pages:

Zcash New User Guide
Zcash Basics
Zcash Resources

Ready to use Zcash

After you’ve read the intro docs, and the resources associated with them, check out the and

pages to get introduced to using ZEC.

I’m a Zcash community member

If you’re a community member, amazing! The best thing you can do is follow the

, the
, and follow all the accounts associated with the List of ZecHub social media pages.

I want to contribute to ZecHub

Great! Please read

and then see
Help Build ZecHub
to learn how to contribute.

If you'd like to add, or suggest edits to this wiki page, please head to the ZecHub github repo and submit a pull request.