ZFAV Hangout: Decentralizing Digital

This call will happen in the Zcash Global Discord.

We’ll discuss a proposed process to reimagine governance of z.cash and other Zcash-focused digital properties, i.e., the @zcash Twitter account, Zcash documentation, and the Cypherpunk Zero property and assets.

ECC’s hope is that, together with the larger Zcash community, we can build and enact a model of communal ownership and increased collaboration — transitioning these digital assets and tools into shared public goods, with a greater diversity of contributors and a more representative voice for Zcashers everywhere.

Weekly club meetings are in the ZF A/V Lounge voice channel in Discord on every Tuesday at 17h UTC (summer hours)

These meetings are open to everyone. They may be recorded (for testing purposes) but not published.