AI tools: Text, Image, Video, Audio generating (online)

AI tools: Text, Image, Video, Audio generating (online)

Here is a list to make life easier. How to use them is another thing.

Writing the best prompts has a learning curve. It’s possible to master basics pretty fast.

Text generating/ Assistants

Prompt analyzer (tokenizer) to learn how prompts work and how many tokens they use.

You can always ask Chatbot assistants to help generate a good prompt for you.

Free tools:

Paid tools:

Image generating

Free tools:

Paid tools:

Video generating

Tools (free trial usually):

Video/audio translation tools:

Audio stuff

Audio fixing

Music generating

  • Soundraw - try for free - (subscription from $16.99/month)
  • - try for free - (subscription from $3/month or $1/minute generated)
  • - try for free - (subscription from $59.99/month or 29.99/m yearly)
  • boomy - try for free - (subscription from $9.99/month)
  • Loudly - try for free - (subscription from $7.99/month)
  • Mubert - try for free - (subscription from $14/month)

Voice generating

  • - free - (subscription from $39/month)
  • ElevenLabs - free - (subscription from $5/month)
  • Murf - free - (subscription from $29/month)
  • Resemble - try for free (after $0.006 per second)
  • Synthesia - (subscription from $22.5/month)