P2P File Sharing with IPFS and Brave Browser

P2P File Sharing with IPFS and Brave Browser

We can use IPFS to share large media files between us in a Peer-to-Peer way.

What’s the problem: IPFS gateways do not work for large files, they will timeout.

Requirements: IPFS Desktop + Brave Browser

tldr; The video is at the end.

We can use this between us in the ZF AV Club for transferring large media files and document it for you all because it’s fun and super cool!!

PLUS, we’ll collaborate directly with the IPFS team at Protocol Labs to develop this use case. Another benefit that came from connections made at dWeb Camp!

Without IPFS installed on the receiving machine AND using a browser that is not Brave: You will need to wait for a the gateway to load the file. This will will return a 504 error on large files.

Next: How to pin other people's files on your machine so that we don't have the single point-of-failure problem when the original node goes offline.