Video subtitle generation and translation

Video subtitle generation and translation

Tools used in this guide:

  1. CapCut
  2. CapCut SRT Export
  3. Text editor
  4. Online Subtitle Translator & Editor

Start but importing the final edit of your video into CapCut. Alternatively, you can use CapCut to edit the video before continuing this process.

With the final video loaded in CapCut, use the CapCut SRT Export to get the subtitle file, with timestamps, from the CapCut project.

Open the SRT file in a text editor and watch through the video, while reading along in the SRT file, making changes to the SRT file when errors are found. Use search and replace to “replace all” for each mistake.

Tip: Watch the video at 2x while checking the subs

After the original transcript has been checked and corrected, upload the SRT file to Online Subtitle Translator & Editor to translate the SRT file into any other language for a small fee.

The translated SRT file should be checked using video editing software by someone who understands the translated language.

Translated SRT files sometimes need adjustments to the timecodes which are easy to find and fix with most video editing software.